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S 133 Notes on Small Mammals in Kashmir and adjacent Districts. Ward 154 Notes on Andaman Birds with accounts of the Nidification of several species whose Nests and Eggs have not been hithkrto described. By Sir George Hampson, Bart., f.z.s., f.e.s 164 A List of Birds found in the Myingyan District of Burma. 224 Review : The Inaugural address of the President of the Mining and Geological Institute of India , 225 Miscellaneous Notes — 3..— Pearls in the Tbana Creek (W. — Nesting of the Malayan Banded Crake {Rallina fasciata). (With Plate A) 72 Tub " Pectinate Organs " of Trapa bispinosa, Roxb. Blatter, s.j 85 On the Tenthredinid.^e and Parasitic Hymenoptera collected in Baluchistan by Major C. Whymper , 236 14, — Note of the Burmese Button Qrail 237 15.— The * Booming " of the Button Quail. — Plumage of young male Pintail Duck (Dafiln actita).

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Dennys, Assistant Controller of Forests 245 27.— Note on the Magpie Robin (Copsj/chus saularis). Osmaston, i.f.s 156 The Moths of India (Supplementary Paper to the Volumes in "The Fauna of British India"), Series III, Part III. Macdonald 184 The Origin of Anonas, Anona squamosa, L. Fernando Leal 195 A list of the Marine Mollusca in the Bombay Natural History Society's Collection. Comber, f.z.s 207 Catalogue of Fresh Water and Land Mollusca in the Bombay Natural History Society's Collection 216 A Note on the Preservation of Bamboos from the attack of the Bamboo Beetle or " Shot-borer." By E. Stebbing, f.l.s., f.e.s 219 On a New Vole from Kashmir. — The Stork-billed Kingfisher (Pelargopsis gurial) at Cawnpore. — The Gfreen Thrush (Cochoa viridis) breeding in Burma. — The Falcated Teal (Eunetta falcata) in Upper Burma.

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