Milk campaign sexist

For the record, a Goodby rep tells Ad Freak: "We are very happy with the response to the campaign so far.We knew it was going to be a little controversial." More ads from the campaign after the jump.The billboards, which will be replaced next week, showed harried-looking men holding cartons of milk accompanied by tag lines such as "I'm sorry I listened to what you said and NOT what you meant," or "I apologize for not reading between the RIGHT lines." The Milk Processor Board is overseen by the state Department of Food and Agriculture and is funded by contributions from dairy processors in California, the nation's top milk provider. All of the crazy, the constant screechy abuse swirling around your immediate environment. Its website, entitled Everything I Do is Wrong, sympathizes with these poor victims. Luckily, milk alleviates the symptoms of the lady-crazy (allegedly--or not). We've seen this kind of advertising rhetoric before, where women are screeching, irrational harpies and men their sympathetic victims.Ad campaigns still love to paint us as inherently crazy on a level that men can't even fathom. Personally, I'm a lot weepier pre-bleed than at any other time.Most women I know who get PMS symptoms just kind of get sad--sometimes depressed to the point of needing medication.

It still sells products, even something so commonplace as milk. But the idea of women as undesirable (but ultimately necessary) living partners just doesn't seem to want to die.

The new site does not shy away from the negative comments generated by the campaign including, "This is an incredibly sexist campaign," and a headline from the Hartford Courant that says, "Wrong: Milk ad campaign blames PMS, insults women." The website directs users to further discussion on Facebook and Twitter and stands by the board's main assertion that milk "can help reduce the symptoms of PMS," pointing to a 1999 scientific study that linked PMS to a deficiency of calcium.

Rebecca Cullers, a contributor to Ad Week who wrote an editorial after the "Everything I Do Is Wrong" campaign launched, said she was not surprised that the California Milk Processor Board decided to modify the campaign so quickly.

) that tracks the global PMS level and helps men create apology videos with big-eyed flying kittens.

Now, I know what you're thinking: This whiny bitch is being too sensitive. Let's put my gender aside and consider this as a long-term marketing strategy for milk.

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