Should boys and girls begin dating at 16

I have 5 children- 4 boys and 1 girl- my daughter (age 15) has some great friends that are boys!She hangs out with a group of friends that are girls and boys and this group has been friends since middle school (around your daughter's age).You just have to lay down some appropriate limitations to the desired independence. I would let her attend a party at a home where there were going to be boys as long as there were parents there. I'd let her start doing some of those group outing when she's nearer 15. Personally my daughter did not date until she was 16.And if she had boys who she was friends with, I might let her go to the movies with a group. At that point it was chaperoned until we felt comfortable with her dating. Tell your daughter you are her only protection from the evil in this world, so get used to it!!Obviously she has to be reasonable on the time in which she wants to go out , but maybe a Saturday or Sunday afternoon would be a good compromise.

We had 16-yr-old honor student girls getting pregnant, so I don't think that necessarily is a guarantee of good behavior.I have to admit that I also thought about her reputation, assuming the kids are only friends and nothing bad happens. Do you think it's appropriate at that age for going to the movies in a group of boys and girls? I remember doing that in the 7th grade--also going to the skating rink with a mixed group.I would allow it, just be there at pickup and dropoff.Like the other post said if you don't let her out the front door some she will be going out the back door and you will have no idea what she is doing.Maybe you can volunteer to drive so you can hear the girls gossip after the movied?

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