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Earl not only receives forgiveness from Donny, but at the same time kicks his smoking habit while pushing Donny's mom (guest star Kathryn Joosten) to give up the addiction too.

Meanwhile, Earl's ex-wife Joy (Jaime Pressly) finds Earl's video will, which leaves everything to her, and attempts to kill him. To cross yet another injustice off his list, Earl (Jason Lee) vows to get his brother Randy (Ethan Suplee) the football touchdown denied to him in high school.

While continuing on his karmic quest Earl (Jason Lee) is faced with the dilemma as to what bad deed he should tackle next.

To quite smoking is one option, but this turns out to be a bigger challenge than Earl originally anticipates.

Helping out are his loyal brother Randy and the very sexy motel maid Catalina. "Crabman," the owner of Earl's favorite beer joint, lends karmic support.

The kind of guy you wait to come out before you and your family go in? So being alive is kinda hard too, but I think it's definitely better than being dead... We're not gonna start thinking of ways to get an octopus to commit a crime 'cuz that just has failure written all over it. You won't be able to wire her the money, and Catalina's brother will have his finger chewed off by a weasel, and she will hate you forever, and what's worse, you'll hate yourself. Hey, wait a second, if we all paint our faces up to look like clowns all the time then no one would know that Earl Jr. This turn of events leads both Earl and Joy on a race to collect ,000 in order to retrieve the car, which contains the hidden lottery winnings. While atoning for stealing from a convenience store, Earl (Jason Lee) spots Natalie (guest star Beth Riesgraf), a very needy, clingy girl whom he broke up with by faking his own death.After getting some advice about women from Catalina (Nadine Velazquez), Earl decides that he and Randy (Ethan Suplee) must go tell Natalie the truth so he can cross her off his list.Luckily for him, the blow is softened by the presence of Natalie's new boyfriend Dirk (guest star Dax Shepard), who seems absolutely perfect for her.Just when Earl thinks he's free of her, Dirk takes a hint from him and fakes his death to break up with Natalie.

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