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The once-troubled actress sat down for an interview (her first in four years) with Hollyscoop’s Diana Madison and opened up about her health and future plans to revisit the industry that made her a star.

Revealing that she’s now three years sober, Bynes told Madison in the interview — which was previewed, in part, by – “I hike, I go spinning — take spinning classes — and I feed the homeless.” After dealing with personal mental health issues and a string of brushes with the law — including two hit and run charges and two DUI arrests — Bynes mostly retreated from the spotlight.

Bynes also caught a lot of attention in 2010, when she posed in lace lingerie for Maxim magazine.

Her full cleavage caused some speculation about her possible breast plastic surgery.

She is attending school and, as always, devoted to fashion.” Bynes, 31, said in the new interview that she is continuing to take classes at FIDM, where she’s “learned how to sew.” “I make patterns and I want to start a clothing line in the future,” she revealed.

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For the past year Lynn and Rick Bynes have been taking care of their troubled daughter by opening the doors of their Thousand Oaks, California home and overseeing her medication after the star experienced a string of run-ins with the law.'We don't know,' a gaunt-looking Rick told the site, also noting he learned of her second DUI arrest on Sunday from the media. Please respect my privacy.'*Insists that photographs showing her walking around New York City with cheek piercings and a pink wig are of someone pretending to be her. 'Every time I’ve heard it, it came from an ugly person’s mouth, so I don’t care,' she says, adding she is 'allergic to alcohol' and 'can’t wait to start working on an album.'*In a seemingly unprovoked attack, she tweets Rihanna: 'Chris Brown beat you because you're not pretty enough.Check out also boyfriend lists of Miley Cyrus, Paris Hilton, and Kate Upton. Her first boyfriend was Drake Bell when she was just a teenager.For complete dating history of Amanda Bynes, read the boyfriend list above.It's not hard to get jealous of these men that Amanda Bynes has gone out with, so try your hardest to contain your envy.Seth Mac Farlane and Aaron Carter are included on this list of Amanda Bynes' exes.

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